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How we survived a 3-day internet outage

How we survived a 3-day internet outage

Posted: 6 days agoBy: Kat Mossafayan
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How we survived a 3-day internet outage CROPPED


Think the unthinkable


Over 3 days the last week, Aptus faced internet connectivity issues at our Southbank office in Melbourne. To make things worse, tethering hotspot from our mobiles failed us.


Yes, no internet at all. Truth is, we rely on the internet more than we realise. 


With the internet down and lack of foresight on its return (after much chasing!), we had to do something about it - focus on what we can get done. Business discontinuity was not an option.



Making it count

Times like this can be extremely frustrating but staying positive is critical to ensure productivity is not compromised. After all, how we react can make a world of difference in our mood, focus and output.

But how did we do that?

Our consultants continued to do what they do best - put forward the best fit for their clients. This means adopting a personable approach and taking the initiative to understand our client’s needs and company culture. Our consultants also took the time to recognise talents’ career goals and aspirations, and help to achieve them. 

Lee, Siobhan, Ant and Alan also took the opportunity to give a spin on the office by moving things around. 

Brian got a tan in his front yard while working and is rocking it.



Working together, remotely


Collaboration is the first step to working remotely. When apart, collaborating is a team effort and requires everyone’s involvement to be successful. This means ensuring everyone’s roles are clearly defined and being responsible for them.


It’s no secret that working remotely leaves question marks in employers’ heads: Are there too many interruptions? Are they doing anything else but working? Will they get anything done?



Strong work ethics are hard to establish


Here at Aptus, we have built an influential culture over the years revolving around mutual trust. We maintain accountability to ourselves, our team, and our clients - so much so that 3 days have proven it. 


Read more about what Tom Murphy has to say about team empowerment here.


Let’s take a look into how everyone were doing:





Adam and Siobhan positioned themselves at private temporary office spaces



Brian and Rodney took every opportunity to soak in the sun







Ian, Michela and Kat had one thing in common - a very necessary cuppa


Kartya_remote_cropped 2

Meet Mia: Kartya's adorable resourcer/companion



Sneak peek of one of Lee's horses, Smurf


Anthony_remote  Anthony_remote_2  Anthony_remote 3

Anthony worked just about everywhere



Alan was the last man standing in our newly-reshuffled Daintree using our neighbour's wifi on the third day



The team is now back in the groove better than ever.


Have you found yourself scrambling during a major internet outage?

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