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Do we use the term 'Expert' all too often?

Do we use the term 'Expert' all too often?

Posted: 2 years agoBy: Tom Murphy
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After being referred to as an expert during a meeting the other day I'd like to pose the question; are we using the term 'expert' a little too often?

We see the word 'expert' used every day on CV's, LinkedIn profiles etc; sometimes in cases where a person has entry level experience or a very basic level of knowledge. I witnessed a basic question by a young recruiter on a LinkedIn recruitment forum a while ago. When I looked into this person's LinkedIn profile he'd promoted himself as a 'recruitment expert' which is falsely advertising his level of knowledge.

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So there's my first Vlog, first of many I hope. Thanks for watching.

About the Author

Tom Murphy is a recruitment leader & founder of Aptus Personnel (Aus) and Aptus Recruitment (UK). After 10 years in consulting engineering and 14 years in recruitment Tom aims to be an employer of choice for recruiters.

Tom aspires to provide a working environment where people can be as successful as possible. Tom believes by being the best he can be as an employer, other employers and employees will want to make Aptus their recruitment partner.


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